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Sponsored Projects

"Engage with a select team of Olin Business School students on a custom project that addresses your specific company challenges." Panos Kouvelis, Director, BCTIM

Take advantage of the analytic capabilities of the Olin community—and gain five times the value—with a three- to four-month Practicum project. You work with a team of specially selected students, led by a faculty advisor, on your high-stakes supply chain or operations challenges. Deliverables may include a consulting report, a research or white paper, presentations to your senior executives, the development of assessment tools, or software support for your business models and applications.

A great way to preview talent

Your company-sponsored Practicum project gives students hands-on, think-on-your-feet experience. It’s also a great way for you to preview Olin talent. More than 25 percent of the companies that sponsor practicums extend an internship or full-time job offer to the Practicum students who have created a lasting impact on their organization.

Projects represent a wide range of organizations and industries

“The student project I led for AB/In-Bev was a great example of textbook knowledge applied to real-world business problems,” says Nan Yang, assistant professor of operations and manufacturing management, Olin Business School. “Being able to see inventory management in action gave me—and the student team—a broader view of the importance and applicability of inventory research.”

Through BCTIM, we tackle critical technology, information, and supply chain issues, working to find innovative solutions to operational and management challenges.

To view a comprehensive list of past sponsored projects, visit BCTIM's Campus Groups website.

Select examples of our research and custom projects are found below:





"Shipment Optimization"

B/E Aerospace

"Improve Forecast Accuracy by Categorization & Modeling"

"Part Home Analysis"


"Modeling Revenue"


Capacity Assessment & Resource Optimization Model


"A Detailed Study to Support Make/Buy Decisions"

"Emerson Practicum: Supplier Risk Assessment"


"Inventory Management for Vegetable Seeds"


AB/InBev "Picking and Distribution Processes: Analysis of Hand/Automated Picking Processes"
B/E Aerospace "Park Home Analysis: Identifying the Inventory Rollout Sequence"

Belden "The Value of VMI to Belden"

Boeing "Finding Links between Transactional Data and Shortages to Demand: Impacts on Supply & Demand"

"Boeing Supplier Management Practicum"
Edward Jones "Operational Improvements within the Onboarding Process"
Emerson "Practicum Project: Make/Buy Strategies"
Monsanto "Inventory Management for Vegetable Seeds at Monsanto"
MSCI "Cybersecurity in the Metal Industry"
Sigma Aldrich "Practicum: Analysis and Recommendations for Global Inventory Reserve & Write-off"


"Capacity Assessment & Resource Optimization Model"