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"BCTIM membership is a high-return investment in supply chain innovation and in the success of your organization."

Panos Kouvelis, Director, BCTIM

Hear about emerging trends from supply chain management gurus.

Attend a lecture series.

Learn how leading companies tackle operations challenges.

Gain unique insights.

Listen to personal accounts of best practices from experts.

Learn about operational excellence.

Leverage BCTIM’s global academic community.

Participate in research seminars.

Gain five times the value for every dollar you spend on a BCTIM consulting project.

Engage with Olin talent.

Get a sneak peak of new thinking and practices.

Access leading research.

Become a member of BCTIM’s outstanding supply chain and operational excellence community.

Benefit from membership.

Boeing Center for Technology, Information, and Manufacturing

Every executive wants to know the recipe to achieve robust supply chain performance and resilience against the myriad of risks that can quickly incapacitate sourcing, production, and distribution activities.

Olin Business School’s supply chain management research center, the Boeing Center for Technology, Information, and Manufacturing (BCTIM), strives to inform all executives and researchers about the most up-to-date and accurate knowledge on creating world-class supply chain capabilities.

Our Center research addresses timely supply chain risk management issues, and it is frequently quoted by the international press. Our work on the Waffle House index is one such example frequently cited in the business press. Read more about 21st Century Supply Chain and Operations (pdf).

Advancing supply chain management and practice

Making your supply chain more agile, flexible, and sustainable is what the Boeing Center for Technology, Information, and Manufacturing (BCTIM), an Olin Business School supply chain management research center, is all about.

The goal is to help your organization optimize its global enterprise processes, align the incentives of all partners across your chain, and develop sourcing and production strategies matching your product and market needs, while continuously looking at technology and market trends that require your chain to change and adapt to new circumstances.

The Agility, Alignment, and Adaptability of your supply chain, or as we like to call achieving the world-class AAA standard in your supply chains, can be achieved via the use of the right tools, processes, and leadership approaches, and, when accomplished will increase your firm’s competitive advantage.

Our Center is regarded as a leading supply chain management research and best practices institute. It has accomplished this status through prolific knowledge creation via rigorous research on best supply chain practices, and effective dissemination of such knowledge and practices to the academic, executive, and practitioner communities.

How BCTIM creates value

Collaboration with BCTIM can deliver a strong return on investment. Project teams of Olin students and faculty work on relevant mini-consulting projects with member companies.

Through these projects, we address timely, high-stake issues with methodologies, solution tools, and conceptual frameworks. This allows our member companies to see firsthand how state-of-the-art supply chain theory can be applied to address organizational issues, operational complexities, and inherent risks.

The Boeing Center for Technology, Information, and Manufacturing (BCTIM), an Olin Business School research center, fosters interaction between industry leaders and academia experts for the betterment of the supply chain and operations industry. Beyond consultative projects, this knowledge sharing occurs during conferences and seminars, practicum projects, and roundtable discussions. Member companies gain access to fresh-from-the-press academic research and white papers, cutting-edge curriculum, experienced talent, and industry best practices. BCTIM was established in 1997 through a generous contribution from the McDonnell Douglas Foundation. Boeing acquired McDonnell Douglas Corporation the same year and continues to support BCTIM today.


To get involved with BCTIM, contact: 
Cindy Minor, BCTIM Operations Manager | 314-935-5577