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White Papers

White paper: A New Anomaly: The Cross-Sectional Profitability of Technical Analysis (Download PDF)
Authors: G. Zhou, Y. Han & K. Yang
Date: 2010

White paper: CEO Wage Dynamics: Evidence from a Learning Model * (Download PDF)
Authors: L. Taylor
Date: 2012

White paper: Contracting with Synergies* (Download PDF)
Authors: A. Edmans, I. Goldstein, J. Zhu
Date: 2012

White paper: Corporate Innovations and Mergers and Acquisitions* (Download PDF)
Authors: J. Bena, K. Li
Date: 2012

White paper: Do Bank-affiliated Analysts Benefit from Lending Relationships? (Download PDF)
Authors: X. Martin
Date: Forthcoming

White paper: Do Institutional Investors Influence Capital Structure Decisions? * (Download PDF)
Authors: R. Michaely, C. Vincent
Date: 2012

White paper: Expertise, Structure, and Reputation of Corporate Boards* (Download PDF)
Authors: D. Levit
Date: 2012

White paper: Legal Investor Protection and Takeovers* (Download PDF)
Authors: M. Burkart, D. Gromb, H. Mueller, F. Panunzi
Date: 2012

White paper: Managerial Decisions, Control Influences & Corporate Finance: Survey Evidence (Download PDF)
Authors: A. Thakor
Date: 2011

White paper: The Optimal Duration of Executive Compensation: Theory & Evidence (Download PDF)
Authors: R. Gopalan, T. Milbourn, F. Song & A. Thakor
Date: 2010

White paper: Panacea, Pandora’s Box, or Placebo: Feedback in Bank Holdings of Mortgage‐Backed Securities & Fair Value Accounting (Download PDF)
Authors: R. Frankel, G. Bhat & X. Martin
Date: 2010

White paper: The real effects of disclosure tone: Evidence from restatements* (Download PDF)
Authors: A. Durnev, C. Mangen
Date: 2011

White paper: Strategic and Financial Bidders in Takeover Auctions* (Download PDF)
Authors: A. Gorbenko, A. Malenko
Date: 2012

White paper: The Value of (Corrupt) Lobbying* (Download PDF)
Authors: A. Borisov, E. Goldman, N. Gupta
Date: 2012

*Indicates paper presented at Corporate Finance Conference.

Anjan Thakor discusses his white paper "Managerial Decisions, Control Influences and Corporate Finance: Survey Evidence."