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​Payments and FAQ


For in-person studies, participants are typically compensated with cash immediately after completion of the experiment.

Online study participants will receive an online gift card within several weeks after the close of the study, or participants will be entered into a lottery drawing for a chance to win a prize.

Before signing up, read the description to learn how participants will be compensated.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the topics of these studies?

Studies will be on a variety of topics, including issues such as personal attitudes and beliefs, product preferences, and interpersonal perceptions.

How long does it usually take for a study?

Most onsite studies take anywhere from 10 minutes to two hours to complete.

How about the compensation?

Researchers compensate individuals who participate in their studies by cash or gift certificates to Amazon.com. In general, onsite studies pay $10, depending on the length of the study.

How can I participate in Online Studies?

The Olin Paid Subject Pool uses a website called Sona Systems to connect participants to online studies being conducted by Olin faculty and graduate students. After you register as a participant on Sona Systems, you will be able to view, and sign up for online studies by logging in to your Sona Systems participant account.

After you sign-up for a study on Sona Systems, you will be directed to the online study. Upon completing the study, researchers will email your payment for the study, generally a week after the study fills to its maximum number of participants. The system will only allow 100 participants to sign up per day. If you are unable to register, please try again the following day.

If you do not have an account yet, please go to http://researchpool.olin.wustl.edu/ to Sign Up for Paid Studies.

I am a foreigner and want to participate in the studies. How can I get paid?

We cannot make cash or gift card payments to participants who are foreign nationals. We are required to process check request payments, or non-cash and non-gift card payments, for participants who are foreign nationals.

Payments made to foreign nationals are considered taxable from the first dollar they receive, and the University is liable for withholding and depositing the tax with the Internal Revenue Service.

Are there any other paid study opportunities?

For additional opportunities for paid studies, please visit the Department of Psychology Research Participation website.

How can I get further information or help?

For any other questions, please contact the research lab manager Kelly Lee at kelly.lee@wustl.edu.