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Carlos Hirsch, Executive MBA

Carlos Hirsch

Carlos Hirsch

MBA 2012
GEN V Project Manager
"The Shanghai experience gave me a great framework for understanding incentives, objectives, and cultural differences."
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Better management of internal stakeholders

Hirsch and his Gen V team “test commercial and pre-commercial products (seeds) that are going to market. We support the commercial group, sales, and agronomists as well as a new business platform called Integrated Farming Systems.

“So I manage a broad spectrum of internal stakeholders: people who need the data we produce, people who supply the products and information we use to run our tests, people within various levels of the company. It’s a wealth of responsibility that provides many opportunities for me to apply the knowledge I acquired at Washington University. Because of the program, I communicate more effectively up the chain at Monsanto.”

How the EMBA program’s growth and sustainability theme aligns with Monsanto’s business objectives

“We start by acknowledging that our actions impact people, other companies, and other countries. My project team works to optimize the productivity of every acre planted to feed growing populations. And we’re making good progress.

“Our pledge is to help farmers produce more and to conserve more. The Executive MBA program’s theme on growth and sustainability fits Monsanto’s goals. I acquired big-scale insights on the actions of countries and economies that can affect our outcomes.”

Value of the International Management Residency

Hirsch, who was born in Brazil and has lived in several countries, says the program’s International Management Residency was “a well-structured demonstration of how stakeholders across the globe are interrelated.” The point was driven home when the “Chinese government approved one of our products, which impacts growers in the United States, Brazil, and Argentina. It shows how connected the business world has become.

“The Shanghai experience gave me a great framework for understanding the incentives, objectives, and cultural differences of multiple players – a tool that has been extremely valuable in helping me achieve business goals.”

Carlos Hirsch

GEN V Project Manager, Monsanto

Previous Employment

North America QMS Lead, Monsanto;
Manufacturing Supervisor, Monsanto do Brasil;
Branch Manager, Multilixi


Education: ESALQ-University of Sao Paulo, BS, Agronomic Engineering