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Phd Student Profile / Bio
Karoline Evans

Karoline Evans

Organizational Behavior
Ph.D. Organizational Behavior 2016 (expected), Olin Business School - Washington University in St. Louis
B.S. Chemical Engineering 2005, Carnegie Mellon University
Research interests:
My research examines how social interactions facilitate innovation and the creation of new knowledge. I investigate how the structure of these interactions play a role in the behaviors necessary to innovate and learn, particularly how the structure may vary over time. My dissertation looks into the question of how team structure (leadership, expertise) can influence improvisation. My dissertation examines what behaviors constitute improvisation in situations where teams must respond to unexpected problems and simultaneously implement solutions without time to create formal plans. Using data collected from mine rescue team competitions, I examine how the distribution of expertise, the recognition of expertise, and the flexibility of decision-making influence impacts improvisational behaviors and performance.
  • "The social network side of individual innovation A meta-analysis and path-analytic integration," in Organizational Psychology Review, Baer, M.,Oldham, G. R., & Boasso, A, 2015
  • "Motivation and Emotion in Multicultural Psychology," in The APA Handbook of Multicultural Psychology., F. Leong, Ed., Jang, D, & Elfenbein, H. A., 2012, Washington, DC: American Psychological Association
  • "The effects of employee training in servant leadership on follower growth, empowerment, and performance," with Baer, M., & Long, C., working paper
  • "Change over time in the structure of influence in project teams," with Sanner, B., & Knight, A., working paper
Other Professional Experience:
Technology Strategy Consultant, Accenture, Chicago, IL (2005 - 2010)
Doctoral Fellowship, Olin Business Scool, 2010-2015
Andrew Carnegie Scholar, Carnegie Mellon University, 2005
Greenleaf Scholar Award, Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership (2012)
Moog Scholar Award, Olin Business School (2011-2012)
Co-Inventor: Knowledge Discovery System, Granted: 2010-07-27; Patent Number: US 7,765,176 B2
Personal interests:
Football, Volleyball, Cooking, TV