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Phd Student Profile / Bio
Daisung Jang
Email: d.jang@wustl.edu

Daisung Jang

Organizational Behavior
Ph.D. Organizational Behavior 2016 (expected), Olin Business School - Washington University in St. Louis
M.B.A. Organizational Behavior 2008, Ajou University
BPsych (Honors) Psychology 2004, Macquarie University

Emotions and Social Cognition in Negotiations

Research interests:
I am a PhD candidate interested in social exchange, negotiation, and emotional intelligence. My dissertation focuses on how negotiation processes manifest in a wide range of interpersonal contexts, and individual differences in a wide variety of negotiation behaviors.
  • "What makes a great negotiator? Exploring theories of negotiation effectiveness and individual differences," Job Market Paper
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  • "Seeing Something New: Effects of Elaboration and Repetition on the Pattern of Explicit and Implicit Attitude Formation," in SAGE Open, Kim, D.-Y, 3(2) 1-9, doi:10.1177/2158244013500676, 2013
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  • "Increasing Implicit Life Satisfaction," Social Behavior and Personality, Jang, D. & Kim, D-Y, 2010
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  • "Two faces of human happiness: Explicit and implicit life satisfaction," Asian Journal of Social Psychology, Jang, D. & Kim, D-Y, 2009
Academic/professional activities:
Presenter 27th International Congress of Applied Psychology, 2010
Presenter 117th American Psychological Association, 2009
Presenter 72nd Annual Conference of Japanese Psychological Association, 2008
Presenter 8th Annual Meeting of Society for Social and Personality Psychology, 2007
Academy of Management The International Association for Conflict Management
Other Professional Experience:
Research Associate Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Business and Psychology, Ajou University, South Korea (2008 - 2010)
Moog Scholar, 2013
Doctoral Fellowship, Olin Business School, 2010-2015
Travel Award, Society for Personality and Social Psychology, 2007
Graduate Student Full Scholarship, Ajou University, 2006-2008
Personal interests:
Cycling, music, visiting art galleries, traveling.