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PhD students at the Olin Business School make up a diverse and interesting group. They come from many different parts of the world with widely different backgrounds. Some have enrolled directly from undergraduate programs; others hold advanced degrees or have worked for several years. Some are new to business, coming from academic majors ranging from engineering to biology.

This diversity enhances the learning experience for all. As an Olin PhD student, you will share ideas and form friendships with a rich mix of students. Click on names to view their profiles.

PhD students by area

Phd Student Profile / Bio

Ahn, Seong Jin Bosnick, James
Gopalan, Yadav Potter, Chase
Verma, Aadhaar Xie, Yifang
Yi, Yingnan

Business Economics
Chen, Chuan Zeng, Xiaming

Balasubramaniam, Swaminathan Haslag, Peter
Kalda, Ankit Moser, Rodrigo
Pezzo, Luca Ross, Landon
Sovich, David Srinivasan, Kandarp
Tang, Xiaoxiao Toopran, Nitin
Vega San Martin, Diego Vuong, Thao

Chen, Yijun Cleveland, Heath
Gershon, Rachel Jiang, Zhenling
Lin, Mengyuan Tonietto, Gabriela (Gabbie)
Yang, Bicheng Zou, Tianxin

Operations and Manufacturing Management
Biazaran, Maryam Jung, Seung Hwan
Li, Yu Liu, Zekun
Saremi, Ehsan Shi, Duo
Xu, Fasheng Zhang, Weiqing

Organizational Behavior
Cummiskey, Brendon Gray, Steven
Huang, Jasmine Hwang, Tae Jin
Lee, Jonathan Luckman, Elizabeth
Vecchi, Patrizia

Alsabeeh, Mohammad Balasubramanian, Parasuram
Cummings, Trey Kluppel, Leonardo