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Washington University in St Louis Olin Business School

Olin Business SchoolOlin Business School


Professional MBA students receive full access to the Weston Career Center (WCC), including a full-time employee dedicated solely to the careers of working professionals. The WCC enhances your professional development and job-search skills by helping you plan your career progression, explore new markets, update your résumé, and refine your interviewing skills.

With the help of the WCC, our students have shown great success in their career development and advancement. The numbers speak for themselves. Upon graduation, we found the following:

  • 20 percent of PMBAs surveyed have changed function at their place of employment
  • 25 percent of PMBAs surveyed have changed companies
  • 22 percent of PMBAs surveyed have changed industries
  • 32 percent of PMBAs surveyed have received a promotion
  • On average, PMBAs earn 41 percent more than before they started the program

As a Professional MBA student, you also have access to on-campus recruiting and job fairs. Should you want to become more immersed in recruiting options, you are eligible to transfer into the full-time program after you have completed the Core portion of the program.

Check out the MBA Employment Statistics to see the hundreds of companies from around the world that recruit our MBAs for full-time or internship positions.