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Washington University in St Louis Olin Business School

Olin Business SchoolOlin Business School


A total of 33 credits are needed to complete the MACC program, 18 of which are required courses with the balance being graduate-level elective coursework. A minimum 3.0 grade point average must be maintained for graduation eligibility.

Enrolled students will be given a change to consult an academic advisor to determine a course sequence and decide which course format length is suitable. The program can be completed in a two- or three-semester format.

Transfer of Credit

Olin Business School will accept up to nine credits of graduate coursework taken at another AACSB accredited institution if the grades you earned are "B" or better, and the Academic Review Committee judges the courses to be equivalent to Olin MACC classes in quality and content. Submit the course syllabus and transcript to your academic advisor upon enrollment.

Foundations Courses

Depending on their academic background, students may be required to enroll in Foundations courses before beginning the MACC program. This coursework would take place in late July/early August, in addition to the 33 required credits:

  • ACCT 560 Introduction to Financial Accounting (2 credits) – If this course is required, the grade counts toward GPA calculation.
  • ACCT 562-02 MACC Accounting Foundations Tutorial (0 credits) – Participation in this workshop series is based on the outcome of the exam. This exam must be passed before the start of the second semester. Participation does not count toward GPA calculation. All enrolled students will be required to take an accounting readiness exam prior to this course.


Fall Semester (16.5 credits)

Fall A Fall B
ACCT 503 Bus. Analytics Using Fin. Statements (1.5)
MGT 533 Effective Managerial Com. (1.5)
ACCT 503B Advanced Business Analysis Using Financial Statements (1.5)

ACCT 564 Auditing (3)
ACCT 567 Federal Income Taxes (3)

Choose six credits of electives, which may include:

Fall A sample electives:
MGT 502 Ethics & Managerial Decision Making (1.5)
MGT 511A Law & Business Mgt (1.5)
Fall B sample electives:
ACCT 500E Info. Tech. Control & Audit (1.5) Recommended
MGT 511B Legal Issues at Business Stages (1.5)

Spring Semester (16.5 credits)

Spring A Spring B

MGT 550Z Professional Communication Forum (1.5)
ACCT 563 Financial Accounting III (Adv. Accounting) (3)
ACCT 555 Accounting Policy & Research (3)

Choose six credits of electives, which may include:

Spring A sample electives:
ACCT 500G Analysis of Financial Institutions & Financial Instruments (1.5)
ACCT 500H International Financial Reporting Standards (1.5) Recommended
ACCT 502 Managerial Control Systems (1.5)
ACCT 507 Financial Issues in Leasing (1.5)
Spring B sample electives:
ACCT 500C Tax & Business Strategy (1.5)
ACCT 500D Fraud Prevention (1.5)
ACCT 500I International Financial Reporting Standards II (1.5)
ACCT 508 Financial Reporting from the CFO’s Perspective (1.5)
ACCT 513 Special Topics in Management (1.5)
(Independent Study, including VITA)

(18 required, 7.5 degree electives, 7.5 elective credits)

Academic Director - Tom Fields

Download MACC Course Descriptions (pdf)

Note to International Students: Additional English courses may be added or waived based on an English assessment upon arrival. The pass/fail grade you receive will not count toward your GPA.

If you plan to take the exam in Missouri, please refer to the Missouri State Board of Accountancy. All state rules are outlined in the table on the site. Information about other state requirements can be found on the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) website at