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Executive Programs

Supporting People, Profits, and the Planet

Organizations around the world support a triple bottom line focused on financial, social, and environmental goals and opportunities. Profits, people, and the planet if you prefer alliteration. The objectives aren’t mutually exclusive. New research indicates a growing number of companies’ sustainable practices are profitable. In fact, the Competing Values Model and other integrated value strategies used in Olin's executive curricula view sustainability as a growth opportunity rather than a constraint.

EMBA program promotes sustainability initiatives

The Executive MBA program’s second-year theme on Growth and Sustainability examines how businesses can create value, build strong communities, and conserve resources. You learn strategies and tools for fostering organic growth, making wise choices on mergers and acquisitions, engaging stakeholders, and measuring results.

Nondegree courses examine sustainable growth

Sustainable Strategies and Rethinking Corporate Responsibility are among the courses you might consider. View these and other strategy certificates and seminars.

Carlos Hirsch | EMBA 38

"We start by acknowledging that our actions impact people, other companies, and other countries."

Read Carlos' Story