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Washington University in St Louis Olin Business School

Olin Business SchoolOlin Business School
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As an EMBA student, you'll learn the value of relationships in a marketplace that’s becoming more customer-centric every day

Build Relationships That Matter

Great businesses run on great relationships.

At its core, Washington University’s Executive MBA program is about people. At WashU, we believe faculty accessibility, personal attention, and a strong cohort system are as important as quantitative rigor. The size of the university’s Olin Business School, Olin’s top-notch professors, and Olin’s highly relational culture enable the program to deliver on these attributes in remarkable ways. Consequently, as a student, you'll learn the value of relationships in a marketplace that’s becoming more customer-centric every day.

During the program, you’ll be placed in carefully curated teams of professionals with diverse but complementary backgrounds and skills. Current and former students will tell you these teams become learning laboratories as well as second families. Team assessments and coaching will hone your leadership skills and help you discover and learn how to use your talents. The result? In a business world where hierarchies and organizational charts are being redefined and redrawn, you'll become a bridge builder who brings people together in more relevant and innovative ways.

Accessibility and personal attention support your success.

Picture an executive-based learning environment where professors love to teach and are genuinely excited about collaborative learning and connecting with you. Where faculty takes the time to explain, advise, and share business resources and to champion your leadership or entrepreneurial development. Where Olin’s student services team members guide you through course logistics and support you through personal and professional challenges. And where classmates become a lifelong source of industry information and inspiration, as well as resources for new career opportunities.

Listen to or read what EMBA alumni say in the videos and profiles on this site. Then contact us to begin a success story of your own.